NEW Preprint

Introducing a curated collection of 103 datasets  in the field of fear conditioning research (in humans) as well as simple steps for F.A.I.R. data sharing tailored to field specific challenges!

We identified 103 publicly available datasets in the field and provide an overview of the status quo.

Data sharing is becoming increasingly used since 2018  in the field, so now is the time to recapitulate their (re-)usefulness for secondary use.We also provide an overview of key meta-data of the 103 datasets which are included in the curated collection. We think, this is a great resource applicable to numberous use cases.

This work allowed us to extract general and field specific challenges and immediate solutions on how to improve (re-) usability of data in our field. We provide a detailed table with simple steps including relevant references and links to additional resources.
As data sharing is becoming increasingly “popular”, we highlight that we should now focus on the structure and re-usability (the R in F.A.I.R) to maximize the benefit for the scientific community and general public. This requires field-specific considerations as provided here.
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