The lab values robust, reproducible and transparent/open science. We actively participate in fostering these topics in the context of Biological Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. We are also interested in and performing field-specific meta-research – mostly focusing on psychophysiological methods or topics in fear and anxiety research. We give our best to do this in a constructive and future-oriented way. Recent examples include:

Lonsdorf, T. B., Klingelhöfer-Jens, M.,Andreatta, M., Beckers, T., Chalkia, A., Gerlicher, A., Haaker, J.,Jentsch, V., Meir Drexler, S.,         Mertens, G.,  Richter, J., Sjouwerman, R.& Wendt, J. & Merz, C. J. (2019) Navigating the garden of forking path for data exclusion in fear conditioning research. Elife, e52465

Recently, an Interest group on ‘Reproducible and Open Science’ (IGOR) has been founded by members of the Section Biopsychology and Neuropsychology of the German Psychological Society (DGPs). Tina serves as the deputy spokesperson for IGOR together with Gordon Feld (Spokesperson).

The lab is establishing transparent and open science practices in the lab including pre-registration of new projects, sharing data and code – whenever feasible. Please bear with us while we slowly and steadily establish these new routines, make mistakes on the way and (try to) do better next time. We often discuss these topics as well as meta-research topics in our weekly lab meetings.

Pre-registered projects

We have pre-registered a number of recent projects on OSF. Most of the pre-registrations are not yet public.

Check out our pre-registration, materials and shared code from a recent project (Lonsdorf et al., 2019, Elife) in which we try agree on and establish evidence-based criteria and considerations for treatment of SCR non-responder and non-learner in fear conditioning studies in humans.

Please also check neurovault collections of our recent publication (collection from Kuhn et. al., 2019, Biol Psychiatry) or preprint (collection from Sjouwerman et al, bioRxiv).


Publicly available talks

Tina has recently started to upload slides of talkes. You can find them on OSF.